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Spring is here…which might have you thinking about getting your home in order. For me, that often means cleaning out the closets and organizing the garage. I personally love seeing the end result of everything in it’s place…organizing is my self-care! But if it isn’t yours, it’s time to think about bringing in a professional. Caitlin McBride, a Beverly mom of 2, is at the top of my list for local organizers. Today, I have the pleasure of introducing Caitlin and her business Home & Harmony Organizing. Keep reading to learn how she went from stay-at-home mom to turning her lifelong passion for being organized into a thriving small business!

Where are you from originally and what town do you live in now?
I always have a hard time when people ask me where I am originally from, so the easy answer is to say Texas. My Dad was a geologist in the oil field, so we moved a lot growing up. I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, moved to Norway where my little brother was born, then to Texas and then to Indonesia (my favorite place we lived!) and we were evacuated from there in May of 1998 due a political uprising. We were told to pack our bags for one week and that we would be back, but the city was pretty much burnt to the ground and in ruins, so we ultimately moved back to Texas where I finished middle school and high school. I moved to New England for college and fell in love. Beverly is now home and I feel so grateful to be raising my kids on the North shore.

How many children do you have and what are their age(s)?
My son, Landon, will be 8 in May and my daughter, Ella, just turned 5 in January.




What’s your favorite family activity on the North Shore?
Going to the beach! I never grew up near water and I’ll never take it for granted. Whenever we’re at the beach, my kids have to listen to me tell them how lucky they are to live near the ocean.

Where’s your favorite place to eat and/or shop on the North Shore?
There are so many amazing restaurants on the North Shore, but our family favorite is Ripple in Essex. My kids love it there, the staff is amazing, and as a girl with some southern roots, the shrimp and grits are second to none!

I live in athleisure clothing, even for work, but when I need a pulled-together look, Style Snoop in Manchester is always my go-to!




Tell us a little bit about your background and how you got started as a professional organizer.
Being organized has always been a part of who I am. My room was always orderly as a child, and I loved helping my Mom organize around the house.

I went to college for journalism with high hopes of being the next Katie Couric, but after a few internships in the news industry, I decided it was not for me. I graduated and went into radio sales at WZLX and then WKLB in Boston, finally ending up in the PR/Marketing industry.

When my son turned one, I decided I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. After having my daughter a few years later, I saw a friend’s post about one of her friends who had just started her own organizing business. So, I reached out to her and asked if she would come speak to the Beverly Moms group.

Before she left, I told her if she ever needed anyone part-time, I would love to help. Until I started working with her, I thought I knew what it was to organize but she took it to another level. She created beautiful systems in people’s homes that were actually sustainable. She was, and still is, an incredible entrepreneur. I learned so much about the business of organization from her as well.

In August of 2020, I decided I was ready to break off on my own and she was very supportive.

When did you open your own organizing business, Home & Harmony Organizing?
In August of 2020, Home & Harmony came to life! For the last 2.5 years, it has grown greatly all due to word of mouth. I feel very grateful to be serving clients on the North Shore and beyond.


Home + Harmony | Brand Shoot


What’s your favorite part about being an organizer?
I love helping people understand that organization is a form of self care. One of my favorite quotes is “an organized space is an organized mind.” It is so rewarding to see this come to light for my clients.

My team is very intentional with every single space we work in. We implement systems that are so strategic and customized to each family that it is impossible not to maintain them. Observing my clients find freedom from trying to manage and organize their items and being able to live their lives much more peacefully as a result, is my favorite part about being an organizer.

What’s your favorite room in the house to organize?
I truly believe that the kitchen is the heart of every home, so that is my favorite space to organize. Funny enough, though, I also love organizing basements and garages. For me, when we begin, the messier the better because the transformation is that much more of a “wow” when we are finished. I typically find that a basement or a garage ends up being a dumping ground for many families, so there is usually a very big “WOW” by the time we are finished!




When should someone consider hiring a professional organizer?
Hiring a professional organizer can be beneficial to anyone and everyone. From parents who are overwhelmed with kids to those with little time due to work or other obligations to people moving in or moving out of their homes to those who just struggle with finding order, we handle it all.

Walk us through the process to get started with Home & Harmony Organizing.
When someone reaches out, we do a 15-minute discovery call which helps to identify their needs and goals and explain how our team operates. From there, we do a more in-depth consultation which can be done virtually or in-person. At this point, we take a deep dive into the space, go through an extensive list of questions, and take measurements of the area.

Currently, we’re offering some spring promotions, including free consultations!

What towns do you serve?
We are based out of the North Shore but have clients all over and are also available for travel.

Do you offer any memberships?
I am super excited about our membership program that will be rolling out later this year. You can check our website for more details that will be coming soon!

Any tips for balancing work & motherhood?
As a single mom, this has been an evolving process for me; however, I can wholeheartedly say that staying organized and living a more minimalist lifestyle has helped me maintain balance between work and motherhood.

Between a career and two busy young children, time is of the essence. I don’t have extra time to be looking for things that have been misplaced or constantly cleaning up and I certainly do not want to spend the free time I do have doing those things.

There is a quote by Benjamin Franklin “for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned” and I truly believe that. Having structured systems at home allows us to function with much less stress. An added benefit is that there is no guesswork for my kids on where things belong. We have a rule that when we are done with something, we don’t put it down, we put it back. Having my kids involved in how we maintain our home is instrumental to the rest of our lives.

Additionally, by owning less, we have less to take care of. My energy is focused on my clients and growing my business during the day, so when I’m with my kids, that time is strictly dedicated to being present with them.

Lastly, I have really worked towards establishing a solid morning routine that gives me the ability to have time to myself, meditate, write in my gratitude journal and exercise. This sets the tone for the rest of my day as a business owner and as a Mom. Self care is crucial.




What is the best piece of mom advice you ever received?
To live in the present. It is such a simple piece of advice that applies to life in general, but I try to remind myself of this daily especially when it comes to my kids. I have had so many people say to me since I’ve had children “it goes by so fast, enjoy it” followed by “I know that’s probably not what you want to hear” but I actually love hearing that reminder from people. It is going so fast.

Motherhood as we all know can be daunting and so tough, but I know there will come a point in time when my kids won’t need me the way that they do now and I will miss it. I feel like the last almost 8 years have gone by so fast and I’m already missing the innocence of my kid’s younger years.

This is yet another reason I feel so strongly about living an organized and simple life, so I can focus on making memories with my kids and not on having to maintain the stuff we own.

What’s your favorite thing to do when you need some “me” time?
I love spending time with my girlfriends, getting outside and continuing to learn about various integrative and more holistic health and wellness practices.

Where can moms find Home & Harmony Organizing online?
We can be found at and on Instagram at @_homeandharmony_.

This post is sponsored by Home & Harmony Organizing but all of the opinions expressed are my own. 

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