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Allison Camire

Today is the first post in our new series, Meet a Small Business Owner. At a time when small businesses need our support more than ever, we are happy to bring you these interviews and hope that if you know of a local small business owner who could benefit from having their business featured in an interview, you will nominate them by emailing  their name, business name and location and email address to [email protected].

Allison is the first person that we’re interviewing and she has owned a small business in Beverly for just over a year. Through acupuncture and natural medicine, Allison has helped many moms with fertility issues and also helped to support optimal health for both parents and their kids. 

What is the name of your business and where is it located?
North Shore Acupuncture and Natural Medicine – We are located in downtown Beverly at 83 Cabot Street.

What is your name and what town do you live in?
Allison Camire MAOM LAc. OM Dipl. And I live in Beverly

What type of goods or services do you provide?
Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are the foundation for the services we provide. In addition to acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, we mindfully integrate nutrition, exercise/movement and our natural medicine techniques to create a multifaceted approach to health care. Both my husband and I have backgrounds in exercise physiology. We employ an abundance of research-backed recommendations to help our patients while on and off our treatment tables. By combining Eastern medicine with modern research we are able to provide patients with the tools and insights to propel their health further than they ever imagined.


How long have you been in business?
We recently celebrated 1 year of business on March 9th!

Why did you choose to open a business on the North Shore?
The North Shore has so much to offer; the community, the ocean and the outdoor space. There’s a lot of opportunity to have city-living but be able to be fully immersed in nature at the same time. We fell in love with the surroundings & the community and knew it was a good fit for us.


How has the COVID-19 crisis impacted your business?
We decided to close our doors for the next two weeks to do our part in flattening the curve of the outbreak. While this was a difficult decision for us to make, we felt it was the best choice so we can protect our patients, ourselves, and to help minimize the impact of this outbreak.

That being said, when we are not seeing patients we are also not receiving income. We are currently brainstorming avenues for us to be able to bring our “natural medicine” methods to a digital platform. For information on our natural medicine methods head over to our website! Additionally, we are providing a TON of free information on instagram (@northshoreacupuncture) and Facebook (@northshoreacupunctureandnaturalmedicine), so be sure to follow us on platforms.

Are you currently offering any delivery, shipping or curbside pick-up of your goods or services?
At this time we are providing free delivery (for those within 15-20 minutes of the clinic) for our line of Chinese herbal medicine, supplements, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, and organic loose leaf tea. Orders can be place by phone (978) 325-2780 or by email [email protected]. For product line offerings head over to our instagram @northshoreacupuncture.

What is one way that the moms (or all residents) can help your business survive during this difficult time?
Being that we are a service based business, it would be a tremendous help for members of the community to book an acupuncture treatment (online booking through our website) for when we return to our practice on March 31st. We would love to take a deep dive into your health concerns and support members of the community by helping them achieve optimal health and wellness.

We also carry a number of supplements that can benefit the immune system as well as general health. We would love members of the community to take us up on our delivery service during our COVID-19 hiatus.

Given this turbulent time, we are reminding our patients and friends to take measures to place your health and wellness first. All the toilet paper in the world doesn’t matter if you don’t have your health. 😉

Name another business that could benefit from the support of the North Shore Moms community.
Modern Millie – Christine Robidoux (She’s a wonderful mom as well!)


On a lighter note, name one fun or relaxing way you are using your time at home during this crisis.
Health and wellness is not only our passion but is also the root for many of our hobbies. We certainly practice what we preach in regard to health and wellness. With that being said, we are taking this time to cook nutritious foods, start a vegetable seedings/prepare our garden, be active outside and restore ourselves with daily acupuncture treatments.

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