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For my birthday in January, I asked my husband to hire a cleaning service. I am a stay-at-home/part-time, work-at-home mom, so it seems like I should have the time to keep my house clean, but I just don’t. By the time I get all the toys picked up, the dishwasher unloaded and loaded again (with cups and water bottles that seem to multiply each day), and the laundry folded I have reached the end of my domestic rope. So things like mopping the floors and scrubbing the bathrooms fall to the bottom of my list every week.


Enter Camila Machado! She is the owner and operator of Camila’s Cleaning a residential and commercial cleaning service with more than 19 years of experience. Camila is also a Medford mom of 2 boys, ages 14 and 16.

Never having worked with a professional house cleaner before, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I set a time with Camila for her to come see my house and provide an estimate. Estimates are based on the size of your home and the amount that you want cleaned. I asked her to focus on my floors and bathrooms. For the first cleaning she suggested a Deep Clean and I agreed. This cleaning took three of her staff members approximately four hours. (My house is about 3,000 sq. ft.). They moved all the furniture, rolled up the rugs, and mopped, scrubbed, dusted and polished until my house looked as clean as it did when it was brand new!

Some of the highlights for me were:

  • The stove…it was gross and so was the tile backsplash, but once Camila’s team was finished they were looking fantastic!


  • Same for the grout in the master bathroom shower. I have tried no less than 5 different types of cleansers, including straight bleach, and several types of scrubbing brushes and I could never get the grout completely clean. I’m not sure what type of magic they worked, but it was back to it’s original, light grey color when they finished.



  • The floors were spotless, and the amount of toys, shoes and miscellaneous junk they pulled out from under my furniture was embarrassing!


  • Everything was dusted. Even the tops of my window frames and all the wainscoting was wiped down. I never dust so things are looking much better now!


  • And finally in the kitchen, I wasn’t expecting to be so impressed with how my sink and chandeliers sparkled, but I was.


Camila provided the Deep Clean at a discounted rate, in exchange for me sharing my experience here. But moving forward I will be paying for her services twice per month. The regular cleanings are scheduled to take less time than the Deep Clean, and be a little less comprehensive, but still focusing on the bathrooms and floors each week. You also need to provide the cleaning supplies, but Camila sent me a list prior to the Deep Clean, and her team brought their own vacuum and Swiffer.


Do you have any questions about hiring a cleaning service? Leave them in the comments. You can learn more about Camila’s services at cleaningbycamilas.com or reach her directly at [email protected] or (617) 909-3490 to set up an estimate at your home.

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