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You’re a busy mom, I get it. Maybe you make time for reading but would never be able to fit a book club meeting into your already packed schedule. Or maybe you need a little inspiration for what to read next or how to fit more books into your life. Whatever brought you to The North Shore Moms Book Club, welcome!

I decided to add this Book Club to The North Shore Moms, purely for fun. I’ve been running The North Shore Moms for almost 5 years now and love to read. Summer is my favorite time to read…on the beach, on my screen porch, late into the night in bed (annoying my husband with the glow of my book light).

I’ve also grown this audience to a far larger number than I ever expected and I figured there had to be some readers in the audience. I’m curious what you’re reading…maybe it’s a hidden gem I can add to my TBR pile. So let’s get together (online–because this is a low-commitment book club) and talk about books.

Here’s how TNSM Book Club will work:

  1. I’ll add book reviews on books I’m reading in 2024 to this page. And if you can write two paragraphs on what you just read and take a clear photo, email it to me ([email protected]) and I’ll post your book review here too! I’d love for this to become a sort of database for book recommendations.
  2. I’ve also created a separate account on Instagram @tnsm_bookclub. If you’re interested in being a part of the club, follow the account on Instagram. If we get more than 20 followers/members, we can start choosing a book each month to read together and discuss in the comments!
  3. You can find all of the books mentioned here on this Amazon List, in case you want to purchase a copy. (I do make a very small commission if you purchase from this link.) Or if you want to keep it local, I created a Book Stores Resource Page with links to North Shore book stores.

Thanks for your interest in TNSM Book Club! – Laura

Books I’ve Read in 2024



Meet Me at the Lake
by Carley Fortune
Genre: Romance/Summer Beach Read
This book alternates between present day, where Fern Brooksbanks’ mom has just passed away and left her a lake-side resort to run, and 10 years ago, when Fern met and spent a day with Will Baxter. That day changed the trajectory of Fern’s life, but she and Will promised to meet up 1 year later to reconnect and Will ghosted her. Now, 9 years later, Will interrupts Fern’s grief when he shows up at the resort….as a consultant poised to help save the flailing business.

If you liked Carley’s first book, Every Summer After, you’ll probably like this one too. I typically cycle through book genres, reading a romance every 4th book or so for something light and this one was just what I was looking for. I did think there were a few holes in the plot surrounding Will’s family, but ultimately I was willing to overlook them. This was a quick, light read. Perfect to get you in the mood for Summer.
SCORE: 4/5



One in a Millennial: On Friendships, Feelings, Fangirls and Fitting In
by Kate Kennedy
Genre: Nonfiction/Memoir
This book dives into the author’s experience growing up as a Millennial and the pop culture phenomena that were a part of that time.

I had heard about this book from following Kate’s IG account (@bethereinfive) for her popular podcast of the same name, and borrowed it from the library on the Libby app. Kate often does deep dives into pop culture news stories and she’s pretty funny. But this book was a miss for me. I did not finish it. I didn’t even get very far into it. It just felt like she was trying too hard to make it all mean something.
SCORE: 1/5




We Are the Brennans
by Tracey Lange
Genre: Fiction/Family Drama
A drunk driving accident in LA lands Sunday Brennan in the hospital and then back in her family home in New York, after five years of limited contact with both her family and her ex. The Brennans are a large Irish-Catholic family with a lot of secrets. And Sunday’s ex is basically an honorary member of the family. Family secrets come to light as the Brennans seek to understand what made Sunday leave home five years ago and how they can get her to stay this time.

This book had a strong cast of characters and enough interesting family drama woven in to keep me reading. But it was easy to see the plot twists coming and they didn’t feel quite as dramatic as I was expecting from the lead up. This book was passed to me by a friend. Thank you, Jess!
SCORE: 3.5/5


None of This is True
Lisa Jewell
Genre: Thriller 
Successful podcaster Alix Sommers meets Josie Fair in a pub on the night of their shared 45th birthday. As “birthday twins,” Josie becomes obsessed with Alix and seeks her out to do a podcast series on her life, promising her a story too good to pass up. As Alix gets deeper into the podcast work her life becomes intertwined with Josie’s in ways she’ll later come to question.

I enjoy thrillers, but Lisa Jewell’s books can be a little too dark for me. (This one includes trigger warning for domestic abuse, pedophelia and child abuse). But based on some other really positive reviews I decided to give it a try and was immediately engrossed. I listened to it on Audible and found myself walking the dog further and folding more laundry for an excuse to listen to just one more chapter. If you’ve read it, let’s discuss the ending. I’m not sure what to believe! Dark, twisty and score of 5/5. 

Fourth Wing 
Rebecca Yarros
Genre: Fantasy
Violet Sorrengail is fragile and spent her youth training to be a Scribe like her father. But after her father’s death her mother, General Sorrengail, forces Violet to become a candidate for the elite Riders Quadrant at Basgiath War College. At Basgiath, instead of reading books, students are trained to bond with and later ride dragons in preparation for battle. How will Violet survive her first year in the Riders Quadrant, when someone is waiting around every corner to kill her?

I don’t normally go for Fantasy books, but the hype surrounding the Empyrean Series (this is #1 in the series) got me. I packed Fourth Wing for a vacation in the Bahamas and it was just the right length and level of entertainment for lots of lounging on the beach. There are some spicy scenes between Violet and her forbidden love and interesting story lines surrounding the dragons. Yarros does a good job of bringing the land of Navarre to life. Even if dragons aren’t usually your thing, you’ll probably end up liking this book.
SCORE: 4/5. 

Iron Flame
Rebecca Yarros
Genre: Fantasy
Fourth Wing is fast paced and leaves you hanging at the end of the book, which made me download Iron Flame for Kindle as soon as I returned from the Bahamas. Without spoiling the Fourth Wing story line, Iron Flame picks up with Violet Sorrengail and the Riders Quadrant, right where Fourth Wing leaves off and just as Violet enters her second year at Basgiath. A few new characters are introduced to make Violet’s life miserable, and she continues to develop her connection with dragons and her squad-mates.

Iron Flame however was not as fast paced or exciting as Fourth Wing. I felt like it could have been divided into two books. The first half was heavy on the spice and light on the plot. The second half was where most of the action took place. I was confused by a few key parts of the plot…the storyline felt a little bit rushed and glossed over some stuff that should have been better explained. But I will continue to read the Empyrean Series as it’s released and was shocked by the ending, making it worth reading all 800+ pages of this book.
SCORE: 3/5. 

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